I don’t know who I am. I know who I am

I don’t know who I am – well, at least not quite when thinking about the intention of this blog. The basic idea was to publish my poems and maybe a photo once in a while. There were more and more people who liked my poems a lot and I was looking for an easy way to provide them with new ones. Attracting new readers would be good, too, so I thought, but if not that’s fine for the beginning, too. Then I discovered the Daily Prompts and the Weekly Challenges and all of a sudden I was inspired to experiment with other forms than just poems and pictures. The pleasurable side-effect was that I rediscovered my love of the English language. So actually it doesn’t really matter that I do not know who I am. I like my blog the way it is so far and I enjoy writing for it. There’s only one thing missing: More readers. Therefore I feel like accepting the challenge, sharing more of my observations of everyday life and (hopefully!) becoming a hero by the end of the month.



Comments? Comments!

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