dinner poem

the trains still terminate in altona
would anybody really say so I wonder
as ususal on my way home

all of a sudden january became freezing cold

all men are equal no matter what they look like
declare the kids as soon as we start cooking
that’s what we learned in school today
and by the way mom what is kinderrechte in english

by the way daughters you unfriend your friends on facebook
that’s what I learned today
I unfriend friends who are no friends
well that makes sense does it not

daughter one stirs the soup
it’s her birthday tomorrow and together
they are almost 24 years old at least it seems like
I lived 24 years since they are with me

all that I struggled with creeps out of my skin
falls right down on the kitchen floor
I hear a silent swash

while the sky goes to sleep
while the moon rises over altona

fat and yellow

(Better late than never …) inspired by – http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/weekly-writing-challenge-lunch-posts/#more-66914


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