early saturday morning

the wind almost blows
the glasses out of the runners‘ faces
downhill at the Elbe

there are only few of them
early saturday morning

a huge container ship crawls along
tug boats in front and in the back

go! go! … shouts my coach while
i kick my knee towards his private parts
and pull his arm down

an elderly couple gives him a strange look
martial arts is fun he tells them never mind

i catch my breath
i hear the wind as she kisses the water

Well, this is my first night at dVerse … just couldn’t resist Claudia’s prompt to write sketchbook poetry (http://dversepoets.com/2014/02/08/poetics-sketchbook-in-the-moment-poetry/). Guess that’s what I do most of the time, anyways.


8 Gedanken zu “early saturday morning

  1. brian miller schreibt:

    ha. the whole kicking him in the private parts caught me off guard among the descriptions…probably as much as that elderly couple…lol…

    welcome to dverse….enjoy…have fun visiting others and sampling the poetry….

  2. claudia schreibt:

    cool capture… it was very windy this weekend in the south of germany as well… and cool on doing the training with your coach outside, had to look up what martial arts exactly is.. und willkommen bei dVerse..

  3. Rallentanda schreibt:

    Ha…I’m wondering what kind of sport this is where you knee the coach in the balls…hilarious, loved it..not sure if you meant it to be ,i’m an Aussie and see humour in almost everything .Looking forward to more poems from you.

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