now what

forget about the right of privacy
the rulers of the networks sneer
we see everything and what we don’t see yet

we’ll make visible // it only takes a split second and

we know your daily routines // we know all your secrets

we know the day when you pick up the dust in your bathroom
and when you have extramarital sex

forget about the law we are the rabbits
your’re the hedgehog you can’t do nothing girl

invisible she’d like to be
well at least she’d like to have a choice
visible she is to thousands of Rumpelstiltskins

today I bake tomorrow I brew
the day after tomorrow I steal your life

now what


Over at dVerse this weekend’s prompt is invisibility – in any form … also inspired by Bjoern Rudberg’s contribution to the same theme.


10 Gedanken zu “now what

  1. Mary schreibt:

    A powerful piece here! It does seem like invisibility is a thing of the past, at least as far as our security. We leave so many trails that can be uncovered if someone cares to look. „Now what“ indeed!

  2. claudia schreibt:

    the increasing transparency causes me a headache and i wonder where this is heading… when fb bought whatsapp i thought about leaving both places… haven’t made up my mind yet completely..

    and hey.. it would be cool if you read some of the others as well that took the challenge – some cool people to meet out there…smiles

  3. Brian Miller schreibt:

    its a scary world…one where privacy has pretty much disappeared…and we made it that way…over sharing status updates….we have thrown off our own inhabitions…and in some places this can become really scary and starts to cross lines…

  4. rmp schreibt:

    I do my best to keep my digital footprint as small as possible…but that only works with the lay people who know not how to dig along the cyber-world. soon whether you hold a device in your hand or not, everything you do will be visible. the question is who’s watching and don’t they have anything better to do?

    nice write!

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