the end of Ramadan at midnight


these days the night is a big warm mama
embracing her child // in the fast dancing city

murmur and whisper of a thousand people
are carried loudly into my living room mixed with colorful hijabs

I very much adovate freedom of worship
daughter one comments indignantly and
drowned in sleep // but this is too much

just go back to bed I tell her smiling and when she’s gone
I lean out of the window wishing everyone
a happy and peaceful Bayram



It’s been quite a while that I’ve been at the dVerse Poets Pub where Claudia challenges us today to find „strong images and metaphors and don’t use the words like or as that probably could weaken them“, but now was the time to give it another try. I’ve been living next to a mosque for almost fifteen years, and the end of Ramadan (Bayram) which will be on coming Sunday this year, inspired this poem. Unfortunately blogspot won’t let me comment with my wordpress identity and unfortunately my favorite poems were right there at blogspot … therefore, sorry! I would’ve loved to leave more comments but it didn’t work (if anyone has an idea how to solve this problem, please let me know).


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