slowly I put my head off I place it
in a comfortable position on a chair next to me

processing shall mean the recording, alteration, transfer, blocking and erasure of personal data … irrespective of the procedures applied … I can confirm that the approach is we take every bit of information possible to determine if any particular data-set is valuable …

autumn’s sun is glistening in the face of the elbphilharmonie
I feel a cool wind blowing over from the waterfront

as to the question whether this is characterized as processing of data on behalf of others …the concept of controller is a functional concept … intended to allocate responsibilities where the factual influence is … based on a factual rather than a formal analysis …

a cup of coffee with a lot of hot milk would be fine and a sandwich
let’s see if they have something decent to eat here

intended to allocate responsibilities where the factual influence is …

I take my legs off too now that they
lay outstretched under the table

all the words are pouring out I see the gulls rush up to them
and the surging billows inside me trickle away


*HafenCity is a new district in Hamburg, constructed in the area of the former free-harbor in the noughties

* Elbphilharmonie is a concert hall that has been under construction in the HafenCity since 2007. Due to the fact that it was supposed to be opened in 2010 and that the delay costs millions of euros from tax revenues, the Elbphilharmonie is considered a major scandal.


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